Why does 50 sound so much older than 49?

Sitting here in Orlando at the end of another school year planning the new calendar year I am struck once again with how fast time goes by! My Mom was right! As you get older time does seem to fly by!

With that in my mind, I turn 50 in a couple of weeks! I can honestly say that time has flown! It seems like yesterday that my kids were small and my husband and I were newly weds contemplating how to save for their college educations.Here we are almost at the end of that journey and close to being empty nesters

If I had to live my life over there are things I would change but not much.

I know that God has a plan for me and I most certainly have veared off from time to time.  I simply wish I would have stayed on his path more faithfully.  But in Gods great mercy and faithfulness, He used what He had to use it for His glory. Thank you God for 50 years and  I pray that I would be faithful and obedient to follow you more closely these next 50 years the Lord willing.  Happy (almost) birthday to ME!

So when someone asks me “how old are you?” and it happens frequently since I teach small  children…I will proudly say 50…and use that opportunity to share God’s faithfulness to me.  It’s one more year, another gift from God, and a brand new year to anticipate what good things He is going to do.

I am so thankful for this time that God has given me but wish it could have lingered a little bit longer…well most of it.


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