Change and New Beginnings

I have felt that I have embraced change throughout my life rather well. Moving several times in our marriage ,  Going through very difficult changes in our ministry in the churches we have served, and having to adapt in my job as a teacher have just been a few of the many changes my family and I have gone through .  But this year looks to be a bigyear of change for the Flores fam! Andy and Yesica got engaged a few months ago and are planning a Dececmber wedding! Austin moved into a studio apartment shortly after and began a new job.  He remains a college student but is pursuing  a career in music that is  leading him in all kinds of directions . April and Joel moved to Knoxville to begin their ministry at UT with the Navigaotrs. I will be doing some new Things this year with my teaching job, and to top it off, I turned 50! Sadly I also found out that my oldest brother, Don, has been diagnosed with cancer,  He began treatment last week and will be treated aggressively over the next 8 weeks. He later  faces surgery at UAB in Birmingham. There will always be good days and rest assured there will also be difficult days.  With the many changes that come our way I choose to glorify God knowing that he is always near.


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