Our kids…..they grew up!

Photo on 2014-06-05 at 09.54These days, I find myself not being able to sleep very well…..I’m assuming it’s partly my age and partly just having too much on my mind! But being up several hours most every night also has me reminiscing quite a bit. During the busyness of everyday life, I  have less time to stop and think about how quickly life is buzzing by. It’s when things are quiet that I begin missing my children and what once was. I know it’s silly to wish for days gone by but more important to celebrate what’s happening now and what is to be..but it must be the mother in me. I truly do miss having my children around the house and hearing their laughter. I miss their presence in our lives on a daily basis, asking what’s for dinner or asking for a ride!

Don’t get me wrong. I am so happy for our children that they have grown into responsible, loving adults able to venture out into the world, making new relationships, handling finances, following their dreams, etc. But the selfish part of me….the part that put in 18 plus years into loving, holding, protecting and nurturing them that longs for the “good ole days”.  I didn’t know how sweet those days were at the time, because I was often consumed with the worries of life, and the frustrations and exhaustion that sometimes comes with raising children. The advise I would give someone who is in that stage of their lives, is to not worry about the small things….look at the bigger picture…consider that you can never redo those years over again….I would have loved more, slowed down more, worried less, and laughed more…..

But through God’s grace, in spite of my weaknesses and shortcomings, developed 3 of the sweetest, most talented, most creative, most loving children on the planet!

April, our oldest, is wise beyond her years. She is the best little mommy ever and a faithful, patient, loving wife. She has amazing balance in her life and is able to turn anything positive. From as early as I can remember, she was full of joy and laughter! God has used her to encourage so many and she is a true encouragement to me.

Andy, our middle child, has a heart of gold.  When he was younger, we could see how God was developing his heart for the less fortunate.  He has such a creative mind and is able to draw out talent and encourage creativity in others.  He is a sweet husband and a gracious leader.  Even though I didn’t see it as much when he was younger, he has turned out to be a very hard worker who values work ethics and being punctual.

Austin, our baby, has such a tender heart. He has always been such a joy, making us laugh when he was younger, from doing magic tricks to selling his art to office staff in elementary school!  He is a real thinker, which comes in handy with his craft which is writing music and singing. We also saw in Austin, very early on, that he was going to be an entrepreneur of sorts, being more on his own and making things happen.  He was a dreamer, but with very solid and attainable expectations.  God blessed Austin not only with his talent to create amazing music, but also with a heart for others.

Sammy and I have lived a full life and I wouldn’t have it any other way……..except just maybe a little slower!




Change is Good for the Soul!

Photo on 2014-06-25 at 19.11As a teacher, I have always longed for summer vacation beginning around spring break.  I dream of vacations, lounging around the pool, reading a few new novels, and going to new places with my husband. Usually I accomplish all of those things, but then I’m left with more time than I know what to do with…ask my husband…he knows I get restless pretty quickly a few weeks into summer break.

I’ve discovered that changing things around the house is a good way to keep busy and also makes things seem new without spending a dime! When dusting, I will move pictures to new locations or move knickknacks from one room to another…anything to keep things fresh.  Even my son notices when we change things up!

We decided to move our family room furniture around to create a more open space around our back glass door…and to let more light in…..

It was a task, but so needed!!!  Not only did it force us to clean under the furniture, but it allowed us to be creative in deciding where to place the pieces of furniture. In addition, we ended up dusting and cleaning areas that are usually neglected.  It was also fun because my husband and I collaborated on the placement and of course his brawn helped in moving the large pieces around.

The final product was so rewarding!   We live simple…we have a simple house and simple furnishings, but we feel so blessed.  It’s amazing how such a simple thing like moving your furniture around can make things seem brand new….and it didn’t cost a dime!  So much more light comes in our home and I’ve found a brand new spot that I love to read and blog.  I thank God for the simple things in life that bring joy!