Stuff Happens!

Stuff does happen….when you think that things are looking up and going relatively smoothly in your life…bam…you get hit with another discouraging bit of news or a disturbing word…I’m sure I’m not alone in this and we all have our burdens to bear and our thorn in the flesh…but after listening to our pastor last night…I’m vividly reminded that God is sooooo much bigger than our biggest problem here on this earth…
Rick Blackwood/Christ Fellowship Miami, Florida..

A.Jesus is present in the fun!

B.Jesus is present when stuff goes wrong!

II.Focus on His presence not the problem.

A.Don’t pull the problem so close.

B.Remember: His presence is here and I am not alone.

Oh God as I face my problems this week, empower me to remember: I am not alone. Your presence is in me. Help me to keep my problems pushed back so I can see your presence and your power. God you are greater and God you are stronger than any other.

I certainly needed this reminder!!


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