Sweet Home Alabama

As most people know, from my faint accent, I’m from Alabama, or as some would say, “the deep south”. I’m so thankful to have grown up in that area of the country and love going back when we can. Our children have all been born in different places, but oddly enough, they also love going back to Alabama. They’ve adopted their mom’s childhood home as their own…and I love it!
My husband and I met at college in Alabama, so he also loves “going home”.
All that to say, we are “all” looking forward to spending the holidays in Alabama this year! Yes, I said “All”!!! The fact that we are all going to be able to be in Alabama at the same time, in probably over 10 years is amazing. We’ve also added to our family over the past 6 years…Joel (April’s husband), Isaac, (April and Joel’s son) and Yesica (Andy’s wife).
As my Mom and Dad age, I am more and more drawn to spending as much time soaking up their love…their advise..their hugs. Since my husband and I have always lived away, it’s been hard to get enough time in…
Occasionally, I will experience a smell that reminds me of my childhood…..my elementary classroom, school books, food..etc. It always takes me back to simpler days and I love that I have those memories that my senses remind me of from time to time.
I love the smell of pine trees, the smell of leaves and pine straw burning in someone’s yard. I love open fields, cold creeks, honeysuckle on the side of the road and crape myrtles. I love moss covered oak trees and fields of pecan trees. I love seeing the stars at night and hearing the crickets and frogs come alive. I love hearing people say “thank you m’am” and “y’all come back” and getting waved at from a stranger!
There’s something about a childhood home, childhood memories….as if everything was perfect…when it really wasn’t. But it’s that one time in life that appears to be almost perfect, because I was mostly unaware of most conflicts that surrounded my life….my parents were good at cushioning me from those things. I never knew how much they made…what they owed…or what ailments that they had….all those things we worry over today were kept at bay.
So incredibly thankful for a spot in this big ole world that we gravitate towards when we are yearning for a quiet respite, a place to unwind and reconnect.


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