I love the seasons.  Here in Miami, we have but one season….hot!!  But seriously, I love the year round beautiful weather we have here, but relish the occasional visits we have farther north, to experience the cooler temps and changing landscape.

Just as there are seasons in our year, we also have seasons in our lives.  Some seasons are predictable.  The newly wed season usually enters the Mommy and Daddy season, which lasts until they go to college, and then empty nest season creeps in, far before we feel we’re ready for it.  There are also seasons in our ministry.  Sometimes growth is exploding, and lives are being changed on a weekly basis, and other times, there seems to be a dry spell.  Friends come and go in our lives, some remain close despite distance, and some we might not ever speak to or see again.

Some seasons of growth don’t involve exciting things, but rather difficult situations, difficult discussions or difficult decisions.  Even though those times are the most avoided, they turn out to be the richest seasons of all.  It is through those difficult times that we strengthen up and our faith is tested.  We are purified through the fires of difficult times if we allow God to  mold us and teach us through the valley.  Someone recently sent me  a message that they were praying for me, and they weren’t sure why I had come to their mind, but they felt it was perhaps God nudging them to lift me up in prayer.  The very next day our family was hit with a blow, a discouraging, sad situation.  I’m thankful that through every season, God is there, and not only does he go before us, but he prepares the way by having believers in our lives lift us up through prayer.

Read James 1:2-8





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