flowerQueen of the Night (variation)

This flower……so beautiful, stark, striking and aromatic! This plant was given to my husband and I from his parents.  They told us that this particular plant only blooms once a year, and when it does, it blooms at night and then when daylight comes…it shrivels up and drops off! What beauty to only last for such a short time….and if you by chance miss it…well then….you have to wait until next year!

These last several weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least!  One of our pastor’s was diagnosed with a small bleed on his brain which caused minor strokes, our finance director was also diagnosed with something similar and resulting in mini strokes.  Another of our pastor’s wives was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and has since started aggressive treatments that have made her very sick.  A cherished friend was killed while riding her bike with her husband leaving 2 teenagers without their mother. One of Sammy’s classmates from high school contacted him, requesting he come to the hospital.  The friend’s wife had been feeling tired a week before, and found out she had leukemia.  Following a few days of chemo, she began to bleed in her brain, was on life support and has since passed. A dear friend and co teacher’s son was in a devastating car accident and is in a coma.  So much tragedy and so many questions.

In the midst of all of these tragedies and life’s struggles, a flower blooms in our back yard.  We almost missed it.  We weren’t interested in walking around enjoying our yard while all of this heartache was happening all around us.  But by chance….or by God’s nudging, Sammy happened to see it early this morning and ran out to take a picture before it wilted and dropped from it’s stem. I’m so thankful that he did.  All of these families are experiencing such difficult circumstances. Every moment is a gift to cherish.  All of the things in life….money, possessions, status completely fade away when faced with deep, discouraging life’s struggles. The simple things given to us by God become the most important things….our children, our loved ones, our friends…and the chance to catch a glimpse of a beautiful flower in our back yard, that only blooms once a year at night….Learning day by day, that God is in control.



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