Our “Ugly” Christmas Tree


(First of all, the first tree posted was not our tree, sadly, I couldn’t find a picture of that tree, but found this jewel in Google images.)

As our children are all gone now and living on their own, decorating the Christmas tree, house and yard completely fall on Sammy and me. What once was a family affair, has become a job for two. Sammy does the hard labor stuff, and I get to do all of the fluffy, creative things. He pulls the heavy tree from the attic, sets it up, strings the lights and the rest belongs to me! He takes his talents outdoors to properly place spot lights and hang the lights around the yard and house. Christmas music is a must, and sometimes I turn on a Christmas movie to listen to in the background. Anything I can do to create that special Christmas mood, I will do it! Oh, I almost forgot the candles, the Christmas fragrant ones, that make you “think” you have a real tree, when your allergies keep you from ever having a real one again!

No matter our lot in life, the chapter we are in, or who’s home or who’s not, I believe that I will always continue this tradition in the Flores home. It makes me happy and reminds me of why we are celebrating in the first place. It puts significance in the “holiday” and reminds me that it’s not just another holiday….it’s Christmas…the birth our our Savior. It’s a remembrance of when God chose to break into this crazy world as a baby, virgin born, placed in a manger, in such humble circumstances to live in a sin filled world, experience pain, loss, loneliness, fear…and die on a cross for all the sins of the world and then conquer death. When we look at the manger, we have to look toward the cross.

“This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” 1 John 4:9-10

As I look back on Christmases pasts, there is one that stands out from all of the others. It was a Christmas in Missouri, when my little family of 4 (pre Austin),  piled into the cab of an older model truck with the Ward family! It was snowing, and just beautiful! Robert drove us deep into the woods to a friend’s land (at least I think we knew them) where we tromped in the deep snow over fences and hills and found the perfect Christmas tree for the Flores family! We saw it from a far, and all ran to it….when we got up close, it wasn’t so perfect after all. It was tall, but it was crooked, thin, scrawny….but it was tall….and it was calling our name! The kids were so happy as we cut the bottom of the crooked trunk and drug it over the snow to the truck and chucked it on top of Robert and Rene’s perfect tree!

We propped that tree up and tried to get it as straight as we could. When Sammy strung the lights, the limbs bowed so low and changed the shape of the tree, but we didn’t care. The scrawny limbs were so dispersed, that we could hang ornaments clear to the trunk. When we were done, we stepped back and admired our beautiful tree.  It might not have been beautiful to others looking on, coming to parties or stopping by, but it was beautiful to us. We chose it, cut it down and celebrated that day with precious family friends. It’s not about the perfect tree, or the perfect presents, or the perfect decorations at all! It’s about Christ and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with close friends and family….making those memories. We are still making those memories, they just look different. But that’s ok too! Our tree comes from our attic now, and it looks the same way every year….and we love it. We love the season, that points toward the Savior. Merry Christmas!



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