A Difference a Year Makes!

As we prepare for our family trip to Alabama that we have made as a family for going on 36 years, I am reminded that so many things happened this past year.  Looking back it is sobering to realize how fast life passes by and how quickly things can change.

Photo on 12-31-17 at 11.01 AM #2At this time last year, we were headed back to Miami from Alabama after being with family, celebrating the season with laughter, games, food, bonfires, 4 wheeling and multiple trips to Fairhope….just because we love it there so much! While there, my Mom and Dad both were battling the “crud”.  I went to the dr. with my Mom and Dad and they both were injected with an antibiotic. My Dad showed improvement as fast as the ride home from Fairhope to Bay Minette…..however my Mom continued to decline.

In spite of her obvious suffering from fever, coughing and just feeling overall terrible, she insisted on being in the midst of all that was happening with the family around her.  She would come out to the living room every day and sit in her chair quietly watching her grandchildren and great grandchildren move about around her. One evening we had our annual bon fire in the back of their property and she insisted on going out and sitting in her lawn chair watching everyone else enjoy roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.  She even had a hot dog herself! It was blatantly evident to all, however, that she was fading.

We left, traveling back to Miami and received notice that she had been admitted into the hospital.  I flew back to Alabama a few days later where she laid unresponsive for several more days with her family by her side.  My Dad stayed by her side, spending the night in the hospital room, as well as me and my siblings.

On that day, the day she took that last labored breath to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we were all with her.  I can’t say that she knew we were there for sure, but it doesn’t even matter. Her peace came from knowing that when she did leave her earthly body, that she would most assuredly be present with the Lord.

I opened up my iPad to worship songs and laid it gently on her pillow close to her ear.  I’m not sure if she was aware or could hear, but all of us in the room could.  We worshiped as she labored. We sang as she waited patiently for God to take her.

At the moment she stepped into Glory, the labored, bloodshot veins in her neck and face turned to a beautiful ivory.  What I feared so much was seeing my mother die, but instead I was instantly comforted by the peace and beauty radiating from this woman of faith….the woman who had loved and cared for me all of my life, even into adulthood.  She was always just a phone call away for advise on a family recipe, or knowing how to get a stain out of a white shirt.

My fear turned into a blessed hope that this earth is not our end…….it is only our beginning.  Her legacy of being a wonderful mother, faithful friend, loyal wife…..etc. was just a short glimpse of the eternity that awaited her. She finished well here on earth and I’m certain that God greeted her with open arms saying….”Well done thy good and faithful servant!”

62830_455506424048_5266309_nI miss my Mom terribly and there are days that for just a second, I forget that she’s even gone.  Her presence was large in this life, and her absence is palpable.  But I know that in time, I will see her again.  I still talk to her…….but just not with my cell phone and sadly not in person.  When I crochet or cook one of her dishes, I smile and inwardly thank her for passing on valuable lessons and skills.  I thank her for gently reminding me to forgive and to be thankful for my blessings. I thank her for the 83 years she poured into our lives so that we would be with her for eternity.

What a difference a year makes!


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  1. Lavonne
    Jan 02, 2018 @ 14:52:16

    This is so sweeet Linda. What I have learned from this season in my life is that just as influential were OUR Mother’s in our lives, we too have that same influence in our family’s lives. I’m not sure I truly understood this until she was gone. What difference a year makes….. let’s make this the best one yet!


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